At Circuit Media, we pride ourselves on being a certified green company and making sustainability a core value. CM is certified by the Denver Department of Environmental Health, which requires a sustainable business to meet five certification criteria: Business Management, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Resource Management and Transportation. Here’s a closer look at how our team fulfills Denver’s ‘Certifiably Green’ compliance criteria. 

CM has created a workplace environment where sustainability is a priority, which helps us fulfill our Business Management category. By holding our teammates accountable to active sustainability initiatives, our team has maintained its certified green status for four years. We even have a Circuit Media Green team dedicated to promoting and following green practices in our day-to-day lives.

When it comes to Energy Efficiency, CM often analyzes energy bills and usage rates throughout the year, which helps employees reflect on progress made and see where improvement may be needed. The CM team is often energy-conscious – knowing that most buildings waste more than 60% of the energy they are allotted. The team sets the thermostat at recommended energy-saving levels in each season, turns off non-essential lighting and unplugs electronics at the end of each day.

Employees practice Water Conservation by working together. The team assigns and rotates team members to take on some daily or weekly tasks to ensure sustainability. For example, CM only runs the dishwasher once it is completely full of dishes from the whole office. 

With regard to Resource Management, the little materials can add up. CM minimizes the use of paper towels by giving each member a cloth hand washing towelette that can be washed as needed and reused.

Transportation Efficiency is managed by providing RTD Eco-passes for public transportation to all CM employees. The team also promotes biking, walking or even skateboarding to work, and more than a few of us take full advantage of these methods in warmer weather.

Although many of these tasks can seem tedious, minute or trivial to some, the CM Family knows that every action has an impact on the environment. 

Visit CM Green for more information on our sustainability practices or to print our sustainability campaigns for your own office or home! 

The CM Green Team