Delaney Schoenfeldt joined Circuit Media as an intern this year and recently graduated from CU Boulder in the university’s first virtual ceremony. She notes, “It’s strange to graduate in a virtual setting, but I don’t have anything to compare it to.” Her dual majors of Media Production and Strategic Communications have perfectly prepared her for a full-time position at CM starting next month.

Delaney also managed to gain the highest GPA in her class at CU, winning her the prestigious William W. White Outstanding Senior award. Of her success, she said, “You have to take advantage of every single resource you have.”

She said her experience interning with CM was the best of seven total in her college career. Delaney said the team gave her awesome support and that she truly feels valued as an equal team member. “It’s great because I won’t have to make a weird transition from a lower-rung employee to a colleague here because I’m already at eye-level with everyone,” she said of the upcoming transition to full time. 

Delaney will be joining CM Creative and swinging to the communications team as needed. Taking a couple of weeks off to move to Denver before starting in earnest in June, Delaney is currently working on a human-centered design course that emphasizes accessibility in graphic design. She brings varied experience in many different areas of multimedia production and communications, including some experience in broadcast.

“I feel very very fortunate to be hired in the midst of a pandemic. I’m very fortunate the team at CM is taking a chance on me.”

Welcome home, Delaney! We’re excited to have you on full time.

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