Why your organization should take advantage of podcasts

It’s 2018, and there are so many different ways to market your company. Some obvious examples include advertisements in print, online, and televised platforms. Podcasts are also a great tool for marketing and are becoming increasingly popular for companies to take advantage of.

Law Week Colorado, a weekly newspaper published by Circuit Media, relaunched its HearSay podcast at the end of last year. The series explores legal topics that tie into larger issues like cybersecurity, technology, access to justice, and the environment.

HearSay has helped Law Week Colorado reach a wider audience by using a new and different platform. Below are reasons why creating a podcast can help market your company to consumers, as well as some of our examples:

Podcasts are easy to access

According to Edison Research, podcast popularity surged by 11% between 2016 and 2017. Although podcasts have been around for more than a decade, Forbes credits some of this recent popularity to mobility and easy-access to podcasts. People can now download and listen to podcasts almost anywhere.

Podcasts allow you to go more in-depth about a topic

Podcasts allow your business to talk about something that’s important while diving deeper into subtopics.

Law Week Colorado is a print newspaper which we dedicate to current, legal news. HearSay allows our journalists to go beyond the limits of a typical newspaper format to explore other areas.

Our most recent episode, When I’m King of the World, explores one woman’s experience with the gap in legal services for domestic violence survivors. Producer Kaley LaQuea was also able to dive into how legislative and judicial efforts are aiding in solving the problem.

Podcasts let you voice important topics in a conversational tone

Some people are gifted storytellers, and podcasts allow you to reach your audience in that casual manner. HearSay has been a great opportunity for Law Week reporters to voice important topics in a conversational tone.

Podcasts are educational

Autonomous vehicles were a topic that HearSay explored in one of their recent podcasts. The podcast focused on the legality of these vehicles. Producer Kaley Laquea interviewed lawyers, manufacturers, and experts on the topic. As a result, the podcast was an educational way for us to market that information to the audience.

This year, Law Week aims to release more new and exciting episodes of HearSay. Anticipated future topics include social dynamics in the legal and judicial communities, as well as the perception of female judges in various courts.

Our Services

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