And what are they, anyway?

Have you ever gotten to the end of an article and wondered, “what in the world did I just read?” Writing without jargon isn’t always second nature when you’re an expert in a field. However, writing with the use of clear and concise language is important for messaging on websites, marketing, and other materials. This type of messaging is referred to as plain language.

The ClearMark Awards is an annual ceremony that celebrates companies who use plain language in their written content, as well as promoting overall awareness of this practice.

What are the ClearMark Awards?

The Center for Plain Language hosts the annual ClearMark Awards. The center’s mission is to promote the use of plain language, and these awards are one of many ways that they advance their cause.

Companies can submit written content to the awards in 12 categories ranging from websites to apps, to reports. Submissions can be in English and Spanish.

The ClearMark Awards recognize companies of all sizes and markets. Aetna and the American Bar Association are past recipients of a ClearMark Award.

How the ClearMark Awards Raise Plain Language Awareness

Reviewing previous ClearMark Award finalists, it’s apparent that a broad spectrum of businesses practice plain language. By promoting companies who use clear messaging, the ClearMark Awards also promote awareness.

Judges provide feedback on all submissions with advice to improve written content. This feedback pushes companies to revise current and future messaging, which is very valuable to plain language practice. Companies can then use recommended techniques to apply for a ClearMark the following year.

At last, the ClearMark Awards bring together companies of all sizes to celebrate the practice of plain language. Attending the award ceremony also allows the chance to network – You never know who you could meet!

The ClearMark Awards will be held on May 8 this year.

Our Services

Experts at Circuit Media apply the principles and techniques of plain language when copywriting and editing for clients. Our work for the Colorado Department of Human Services is one example. This project included writing services for the Office of Early Childhood (OEC) website content. We also wrote the messaging for their “Working Together Program” brochure.

Keep plain language in mind the next time you write content for a website or marketing brochure. And if you need any help, give us a call!