In June, we welcomed Jessica Folker as Law Week Colorado’s newest reporter. She will be writing and reporting for both the print edition and website version of the weekly editorial. Jessica is new to Colorado – she grew up in Wisconsin, received her BA from the University of Toronto, produced and reported on the radio in Minneapolis and came to Denver in May after 6 years of working in Beijing. In China, she gained valuable experience at a lifestyle magazine and news agency.

Jessica’s passions include photography, reading, learning new languages and travel. She traveled all over China, from its eastern megacities to its westernmost desert outposts. While she was living and working in Beijing, Jessica had the luxury of taking long trips around Asia to surrounding countries including Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and South Korea. Now, back in the U.S., she is rediscovering the road trip and exploring small towns on the weekends. Jessica was hoping Colorado would instantly transform her into a rugged, sporty outdoorsman, but no luck yet. Welcome to the team, Jessica; your next big adventure!