Circuit Media strives to deliver outstanding content while practicing safe production protocols during the coronavirus pandemic. Our teams have recently implemented a number precautions, and we’ve attended online training specific to COVID-19 mitigation, to guarantee safe video services. We consider things like adequate ventilation, appropriate square footage on set, and our team’s ability to easily and quickly sanitize filming spaces. Here are some of the best practices we’ve integrated into our process to ensure safety on all video projects.

Site Safety

First, social distancing is one of our top priorities. We maintain at least a 6-foot distance from everyone on set at all times. From the beginning of each video project, we factor in any location constraints. For social distancing, we look at the square footage of the space we need to be sure we can all stay a safe distance from each other; we also consider things like building access and ventilation. 

Our team will only select a filming location if it meets our strict safety criteria. We need enough square footage to safely accommodate our team and subjects. We also look for a building with lots of ventilation and air circulation to ensure not only the highest level of comfort on site, but because these considerations will allow us to secure safe breathing pockets for anyone who can’t wear a mask during filming. We keep in mind how everyone will access the building too. If a site has too many doors for entry, complex or narrow access points, or access that requires direct interaction, we either work to make sure those items are addressed prior to our shoots, or we select other spaces that better fit our safety needs. 

To make social distancing easier when capturing audio, we use boom microphones with long, telescoping arms in lieu of lavalier microphones. We also use longer lenses on our high-quality video equipment whenever possible to get the best shot while maintaining the distance we need between subjects and crew. 


Another site protocol we’ve implemented is the regular and efficient sanitation of every surface and high-traffic areas and items. Using CDC-approved disinfectants, all video equipment is wiped down before and after each use. 

Crew and subjects are required to wash their hands for a minimum of 30 seconds before filming, or using the equipment. We encourage continued hand washing throughout the shoot if needed, even if no one is touching equipment. Hand sanitizer is made available to everyone on set and Circuit Media also prohibits sick crew members and subjects from accessing filming sites.


Our crew and off-screen subjects are required to wear masks for the duration of the shoot. While subjects are being filmed, they can’t wear a mask, so we ensure that all production crew is a safe distance away and that ventilation is addressed in filming areas.

With new safety protocols in place, our team is ready and willing to safely deliver any video or production services. If you’re interested in Circuit Media’s video services or our site safety protocols, please reach out to [email protected]