Four of Circuit Media’s project managers recently gained the coveted Project Management Professional credential from the Project Management Institute. Our team is proud to announce that Lisa McKell, Stephanie Layman, Elizabeth DeWaard and Ali Manor passed the PMP test.

To us, this certification is meaningful in many ways. The most important of these is that we can use these credentialed professionals to serve our clients in new and exciting ways. Leveraging our new resources in project management has allowed our PMs to approach complex project management situations with fresh approaches, proven techniques and a new toolkit of methods that can be tailored to best suit the needs of each and every client we partner with. 

Having a team of certified PMPs also allows Circuit Media to provide additional value adding services to our clients, giving them resources, services, and support that enhances the customer experience we pride ourselves on. One of our primary goals in assessing client needs is to keep their budget in mind. With our updated PM methodologies, we can better address these needs quickly and effectively, extending our trusted partners’ bottom lines. 

This last month, these PMs have proven their complete suite of project management skills. Lisa, Stephanie, Elizabeth and Ali serve clients like CDOT, the City and County of Denver, NIST, Sandia National Laboratories, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Small Business Administration. 

Reach out to us if you need any qualified PMPs to manage your upcoming projects!