Recently, when faced with an unexpected family medical emergency I made the decision to relocate to Kauai, Hawaii. Through this unexpected and challenging time I have been grateful to be able contribute to the work of my team at Circuit Media while working remotely. Not every company can facilitate a strong working relationship with a satellite employee living on the most remote island chain in the world!

Through working remotely I have been able to continue contributing to several projects I was working on while living in Denver. I have helped the team with our recent State Bill user interface improvements and preparation for the 2016 session. I have also been able to aid with several public information projects with the Colorado Department of Transportation as well as with research and writing for Law Week Colorado. I regularly communicate with the team in Denver, and work on different projects each week.

Colorado has always been my home, so making the choice to move was an unexpected and challenging step. Staying connected to my team and work at Circuit Media has allowed me to maintain some structure and familiarity, as well as feel closer to Colorado and the projects which matter to me.