The importance of brand consistency for awareness

What is the first thing people do when they hear about a company?
…They go online and Google it!

Earlier this year, our creative team at Locus Studios hosted a “Lunch and Learn” at Law Bank in Uptown. Heather Graves, the team’s senior graphic designer, delivered a presentation about the importance of branding and creating a consistent online presence, specifically on social media.

A brand consists of your company’s customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo. Technology is here for the long run, and your online brand presence is more important than ever. As Heather stressed in her presentation, social media acts as a modern day word of mouth. Branding improves recognition, creates trust, and generates new customers for your business.

So, what makes for a successful brand identity?

  1. Message

Tell your customer about what you offer, and why it matters. Make sure your elevator pitch and tagline are compelling and concise and ensure consistent messaging on all platforms. Something else to keep in mind – your products aren’t going to appeal to everyone! Keep a tight focus on your customer to connect with like-minded individuals.

  1. Images

Good, quality images communicate value to your customer and engage first-time viewers. User friendliness is also important for your brand’s images, so make sure that your social media images are the correct size and ensure high resolution for readability on final products.

  1. Visual Identity

Heather pointed out in her presentation that although logos are important, branding goes far beyond just making a logo. Your visual identity is how your brand communicates with anything visual. This includes your logo, wordmark, font, design style, color scheme, images, graphics, and photography. All of these visual items can and should work together to spread your message to consumers.


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Keep this information in mind when creating a consistent brand. And if you’d like to talk to one of our creative minds, contact us! We have graphic designers, writers, and photographers to assist with any branding needs.  We’d love to chat and answer any questions you may have.

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