The end of the fiscal year is always an exciting — and busy — time for agencies and government contractors. The end of the federal fiscal year falls on September 30, and the beginning of September marks the point where agencies and contracting officers seek to allocate any funds that may still be remaining in FY2022. 

“We look forward to this time of year as an opportunity to make it happen for our clients,” CM Contracts Manager Ali Manor said. “We help agencies turn around procurements efficiently while providing top-tier service post-award.”

As experienced, SBA-certified government contractors, we understand what agencies need at this time of year:

They need contractors who are accessible. We make it easy to find and contract services with us. We’re on a lot of contracting vehicles, including GSA MAS, OASIS SB, STARS III, SeaPort-NxG, and eFAST. 

They need to meet their small business procurement goals. The federal government requires agencies to award a certain percentage of work to small businesses (and other small business set-asides) to encourage small business participation in the marketplace. We make it easy to hit your small business threshold through direct and sole source awards.

They have a lot to get done before September 30. As the end of contracting season picks up, it makes less and less sense to spend extra time with lengthy RFIs and RFPs. 8(a) and WOSB direct awards ensure contracting officers have a fast and fair way to get their work contracted out. Our government clients can use direct awards to make sure the work is contracted out to us as fast as possible. And because they’re working with a vetted government contractor, they also know the work will be done to the highest standard. 

On behalf of Circuit Media, we wish everyone a happy end of the fiscal year!