Employee retention is a hot topic in all industries. As companies move to new work and business models, how can staffing processes shift with the times? By incorporating new and sustainable staffing models into hiring processes, companies can stay ahead of the curve and build a company culture that is vibrant, innovative, and committed to attracting and retaining talent. 

Here are some Circuit Media tips to staff sustainably:

Create Culture

At Circuit Media, we put what we value first and our staff perpetuates our guiding principles of collaboration, curiosity, compassion and clear communication. Employees feel supported and integrated with a well-communicated culture, leading to higher retention rates and a tight-knit team. When we staff for clients, our strong and established culture attracts workers from top talent pools, helping us fill client needs efficiently and for the long term. We attribute our 96% staffing retention rate to the supportive environment we provide. 

Lead with Purpose

Employees care about more than just a paycheck. By designing a roadmap for the future, your team can envision how they can grow and thrive within your company. Prove leadership opportunities, in-house training, and competitive benefits. Leading the way with a trail for teammates to follow establishes a unified team that can work toward a shared vision. 

Demonstrate Commitment

Incorporate your vision into every aspect of your work. Circuit Media has embraced a Triple Bottom Line in our core business framework, perpetually seeking and adopting best practices in economic, social, and environmental sustainability for our firm. A Fast Company survey showed employees are more likely to be attracted to and stay at a company with a strong sustainability presence. Ingraining similar ideologies to the Triple Bottom Line into your business values or framework can help you recruit and retain top talent. 

Sustainable staffing is all about putting people first. Creating a strong company culture, leading with purpose and demonstrating a commitment to people and the planet can allow companies to create stronger teams, increase morale, and provide exceptional service. To learn more about our staffing expertise, check out our portfolio