Circuit Media is proud to announce the rollout of our flagship Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Circuit Media strives to commit our resources not only towards business concerns, but to the communities that we live, work, and operate in. Corporate Social Responsibility is the idea that our business will enhance and contribute to the social structures that surround Circuit Media. 

Like all corporations, Circuit Media expends resources in the areas where it operates. This program will address this expenditure and provide philanthropic value to the community. Our CSR program is designed to be sustainable and cyclical, with a focus on spotlighting a diverse array of organizations and causes over time. 

“Our team created this program to demonstrate Circuit Media’s commitment towards sustainable communities. We hope to enrich the lives of vulnerable populations and generate enthusiasm towards giving back,” says Delaney Schoenfeldt, the head of Circuit Media’s sustainability team. “From its inception, Circuit Media has made the sustainability of people and the planet a cornerstone of our company’s sustainability initiative. This program is a way to emphasize this commitment and support our community.” 

Circuit Media’s CSR program takes a triple-pronged approach to corporate giving and sustainability.

Each year, a local philanthropic organization will be selected by our sustainability division to support throughout the year. In 2022, we’re excited to partner with Girls Inc. of Metro Denver. Girls Inc. focuses on providing all girls with educational programming, regardless of socioeconomic background, by partnering with community organizations and schools to provide mentoring, leadership opportunities, and safe community spaces. We’re excited to provide their team with pro bono creative services and give the Circuit Media team opportunities to participate in group volunteer days in support of Girls Inc.’s educational programs. 

Our accessibility and sustainability teams will offer the second prong of our CSR program. We’re committed to providing ongoing professional support for students with disabilities. Utilizing our accessibility team’s connections, we’ll offer outreach opportunities every year to various organizations. These services include accessible resume design, informational interviews and webinars for students, mock interview practice to prepare students to enter the workforce, and internship opportunities with our team. 

Finally, our team will participate in holiday-focused charity events. In the past, our team has donated to and provided volunteer services for the Colorado Army National Guard’s annual Santa’s Workshop. We’ll support this program in person (pending COVID-19 restrictions) or through yearly gifting. Our team will announce other holiday gifting initiatives in November 2022.

To stay tuned for our community updates, upcoming blog posts, and events, visit us at and follow us on social media.