Circuit Media has been a part of the Department of Energy NREL Mentor Protégé through a five-year agreement, which spans two base years and three one-year options. The Mentor Protégé program serves to forge long-term relationships between big and small businesses. To be approved into the program you have to be a small disadvantaged business, small business administration-certified 8(a) small businesses, HUBZone, woman-owned, veteran-owned, or service-disabled veteran-owned. 

This program provides opportunities and resources that lead to the growth of both businesses involved. This partnership serves as an alignment between Circuit Media’s expertise in communication, creative, and staffing services while NREL’s invaluable mentorship aims at fostering development. 

In the competitive landscape of business, the NREL Mentor Protégé program offers a unique opportunity for small enterprises to thrive. Aligned with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) mission to support small businesses, this program promotes collaboration; Circuit Media is the extension of their team. 

Duration and Oversight

The program’s structure allows for both short-term objectives and long-term goals, with the contract lasting two years, but can be extended. Regular evaluations and progress reports ensure the program’s effectiveness and commitment to supporting small business initiatives. 

Aims and Objectives

At its core, the program aims to empower small businesses and enhance their competitiveness. Objectives include facilitating access to contracts, providing specialized resources, showcasing capabilities, and fostering relationships. 

Protégé Growth

Circuit Media has ten NAICS government purchasing codes that are approved under the mentor protégé program. Their capabilities are unique in the fact that they can work on a wide scope of work because of these codes. 

Being awarded with NREL enables Circuit Media to provide effective outreach and communications services. Additionally, they have pitched a mentor protégé roundtable at the DOE Small Business Conference and conducted in-person and virtual capabilities briefings. This allows them to refine their services. This period has marked substantial growth for the Circuit Media team. 

Circuit Media’s experience during this program has encouraged growth and continual learning. The team is creating initiatives and materials that align with their values. The experience has been invaluable by connecting us with NREL departments, securing communications work, and facilitating valuable interactions in the DOE space.

Contributions and Insights

The NREL Mentor Protégé Program stands as an example of the power of collaboration; this mentorship propels small businesses toward success. By providing support, resources, and opportunities, the program is mutually beneficial for the mentor and the protégé in the competitive landscape to achieve their goals. 

As Circuit Media continues its relationship with NREL, it will expand its reach and expertise. Circuit Media is dependable in delivering unparalleled value to our clients and partners. For more information about Circuit Media’s work within the program, please click here.