The CM team wishes a happy first birthday to Law Week Colorado’s digital edition! 

So much has happened since our team of dedicated journalists, helmed by Managing Editor Jess Brovsky-Eaker, transitioned to a completely online presence in May 2021. With our switch to digital, we also redesigned and relaunched our website, adding user-friendly features like an events calendar and a fully digitized archive of our 20-year publication.

By switching over to the web, Law Week streamlined our subscription service and went paperless for the planet. The change also allowed our journalists to be able to report in real-time. 

In our first year as a digital publication, we had: 

  • 126,832 sessions
  • 99,199 users
  • 346,821 pageviews
  • 77.8% new sessions

Since Law Week went digital, we’ve placed a greater emphasis on maintaining and updating our website and outstripped our 2020 reporting in sessions and users by about 10,000 each. 

Compared to our 2019 traffic, our growth has been even greater. Law Week had around 50,000 sessions, 39,322 users, and 123,280 pageviews that year with 72.85% new sessions. 

Law Week’s subscribers and readers have positively received the all-digital transition. As of July 2022, we’re already at 56,000 sessions, 42,772 users, 160,000 page views, and 75% new sessions. CM thanks our Law Week team and we’re excited for the future of the news outlet! 

Check out our new website here. Law Week subscribers get unlimited access to all content including full-length articles, multimedia products, our legal events calendar, never-before digitized print editions, flipbook versions of past editions, and exclusive content and offerings. 

Happy birthday, Law Week Digital!