What’s the big deal about internal customer service?

It can be as small as a smile during a rough day, or simply offering to help a colleague on a project. It’s taking the time out of your day to ensure that a co-worker isn’t feeling too overwhelmed, or monitoring a project while someone is out of the office. Excellent customer service isn’t only important for your clients, internal customer service is just as important.

What is internal customer service?

According to customer service expert Shep Hyken, the root of internal service is the understanding that everybody supports everybody else in the organization. Internal customer service is all about how you take the time to help those within your own company.

How can we improve?

After reading about Disney Institute’s Internal Customer Service Plan, CEO Rebecca Askew wanted to create an internal customer service process for Circuit Media. Thus, the Super Service Spotlight was born. The bi-monthly survey allows colleagues to recognize someone that brought them a “bright spot” in their work lives. “Bright Spots” noticed on multiple occasions receive recognition in the monthly in-company newsletter and company emails. One individual also receives an award from the CEO at company quarterly meetings.

How does internal customer service benefit an organization?

Since beginning the new program last year, our team has recognized several benefits of an internal customer service campaign:

    1. Filling out a survey provides the chance to pause and think about what has been done for you that month. If it’s a busy time of year, reflecting on what has been done for you might not be a priority. This creates the opportunity to really appreciate everything your coworkers do for you.
    2. Not only can it be an opportunity to thank a coworker, it is also the chance to recognize someone for their hard work. Knowing that others are recognizing your drive, even when it doesn’t directly affect a colleague, creates feelings of appreciation. This also cultivates a positive work environment.
    3. Employees also engage on a deeper level. It creates positive energy and gets momentum going when the company reaches a goal or achieves a company award. It is great to know that you are a direct part of the organization’s success.

What have we learned?

That putting an internal customer service process in place creates a positive company culture. Employees have enjoyed providing positive feedback about colleagues just as much as receiving feedback from others. We are excited to see how the Super Service Spotlight grows in the future!

If you are interested in learning more, sign up below to download Circuit Media’s Five-Step Design-Thinking Process for Internal Customer Service:

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