Get outside, volunteer, or attend an event in the name of conservation

April 22 is coming up, and there are so many ways that your company can celebrate Earth Day! Below is a list of five easy and fun options that we have put together.

1. Volunteer together

Find a local conservation organization and volunteer as a team! Volunteering allows employees to give back while also bonding together outside of work. Plus, volunteering as a team can help to retain employees while doing some good.

2. Practice green habits

Being green is always important, but take this month to be especially mindful. Create a fun, innovative way to remind employees to turn off the lights when they leave a room, or post recycling how-to’s around the office.

After becoming a certified green Denver company in 2016, Circuit Media created an internal campaign to promote energy and waste conservation. The campaign is Star Wars themed and continues to be a great reminder for employees.

Star Wars "Join the Dark Side" energy conservation reminder poster

3. Commit to becoming a Certified Green Company

Have you been thinking about how your company can pledge to be more green? Make the first steps to apply for your city’s local green business certification program, such as the City of Denver’s Certifiably Green Denver. Some benefits of getting certified include saving money and the environment through conservation efforts.

If you’re local to Denver, schedule a time to meet with a representative and learn more about how the certification process works and why it benefits your company!

4. Get outside

Take an hour or two to leave the office, and take a hike or even a lunch-hour walk. Walking not only allows employees to appreciate the community but also relieves stress. Circuit Media is a huge advocate for walking meetings, which is another way to get employees outside.

5. Attend an Earth Day event

Cities across the country have many Earth Day events occurring this weekend. For those local to Denver, Circuit Media Green will be debuting the Shake It, Don’t Waste It paper towel reduction initiative at the Sierra Club’s Earth Day event at the Capitol grounds on Saturday, April 21. The event will feature a beer garden, yoga, and live entertainment. Come stop by our table to pick up a poster, sticker, or dog bandana! Other local organizations will also be present. We hope to see you there!

If you’re looking for more ideas, Eventbrite put together a list of ways to celebrate locally around Denver.


Want to learn more information about how Circuit Media has committed to conserving the environment? Read more about Circuit Media Green and visit our website!