Circuit Media Green launched a new free browser extension, BrainBrake, last month that lets users set on-screen reminders to stand, look away, move or give themselves a break from working on a computer. 

Sitting for too long has been linked to serious health complications like heart disease and diabetes according to studies released by the Harvard Medical School in 2015. The Mayo Clinic analyzed research from 13 different adult health studies and found that extended time sitting at a desk or in front of a screen poses significant health risks that could be avoided by taking regular breaks.

BrainBrake’s user-friendly interface puts you in control of your health. The extension’s alerts were built according to guidance from the Center for Disease Control, allowing users access to the latest science in digital health reminders. BrainBrake has the most up-to-date health prompts and advice to reduce eyestrain, back pain, circulation issues, or any other health problems that could arise for office workers and students.

On BrainBrake, you can set up a 20/20/20 reminder to be reminded every 20 minutes to look at least 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds. If you need to move more, you can set up the extensions one hour or 90 minute reminders and take a longer break away from your screen. 

BrainBrake meets you where you already are – looking at your screen. The extension is free to use, and it allows you to set up reasonable reminders to address your health needs every day. Unlike other health reminder services, this one isn’t on your wrist, phone, or around your neck – it’s right in front of you and nudges can also be customized or turned off if you need.

BrainBrake works on most browsers, so you can use it on any or all of the browsers you regularly use. Check it out today and take charge of your digital health: BrainBrake on Chrome 

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