By Julia Cardi

The January episode of HearSay features the Law Week team discussing some of the most interesting stories we reported on in 2019. It’s intended as a podcast counterpart to our annual Year in Review issue, and we hope it becomes a yearly feature for the podcast as well.

Law Week’s newest reporter, Jessica Folker, talks about learning to cover legal news. Doug Chartier discusses how he stumbled on a story about red tape-laden efforts to fund a state pilot program for providing guardianship services. Julia Cardi goes into the rabbit hole of covering prosecution funding, which was the main topic of several stories last year. Finally, Jess Brovsky-Eaker talks about creating a new section about events in Colorado’s history that affected the state’s legal system, legislature and leadership. “This Week in History” has been running since early November, and if you haven’t checked out that section of the paper yet, we highly recommend it. Jess dives into Colorado history each week and has covered topics ranging from the early days of the Rocky Mountain News in the late 1800s to the landmark Romer v. Evans case in 1996. 

This is a fun episode because journalists don’t often get to talk openly about “the story of doing the story.” There’s a mostly unspoken rule to assume the insider details of most stories won’t interest readers, so we generally avoid inserting ourselves into the narrative. However some stories warrant attention on how the reporter got to the finished piece, and we figured our editorial team can indulge ourselves once a year for a podcast episode that gives some personality to Law Week’s Year in Review.

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