Sara Desmond, previously an intern at Circuit Media over the spring semester, recently graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in Media Studies. Her new role, which she starts on June 15, consists of support for the communications team and additional CM initiatives. 

Sara’s excitement about the new position includes her ability to take on more responsibility with some of her internship tasks. Notably, Sara has been working with the StateBill team on the website, testing and research and she’ll be diving more into that as she starts with CM full-time next month. She’s also gearing up to work more closely with CM’s other teams like public information, communications, accessibility and plain language. “A new part of my job that I’m really excited about is helping with social media for the company. This is really the perfect tie-in from Media Studies.” 

Sara noted how the process of being a StateBill intern made her much more interested in local government. “I hadn’t really worked in the media or communications or publication sphere before – only in restaurant or retail. So this is really the first chance I got to do research on stakeholders and in the legislature.” Sara said she is excited and interested in continuing this work at CM.

On her graduation, Sara maintains an uplifting stance. “It was bittersweet. We already knew we were graduating and leaving campus but one day we were there and the next we weren’t… It really brought the class of 2020 together.” She was thankful that so many people reached out to her during this time, noting that everyone’s consideration and compassion is what made her know everything could work itself out eventually for her as she stepped into a new professional sphere. 

We are so excited to have you join us, Sara – welcome to the CM Family full-time!