Services: Graphic Design, Writing, and Copy Editing
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Office of Early Childhood

The Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Early Childhood (OEC) selected Circuit Media to provide graphic design, writing, and copy editing services in order to redesign their website to meet compliance requirements of the Child Care Development Block Grant Act (CCDBG). Working on an abbreviated timeline, Circuit Media collaborated with numerous stakeholders in the agency to write, edit, and design content for their new website. In addition, Circuit Media was tasked with developing and designing new marketing materials for the OEC, including consumer-friendly brochures, one-page marketing materials, and educational materials. These materials were developed for a multitude of target audiences, including parents of young children, child care professionals, and early childhood stakeholders. Because of this variety, Circuit Media was tasked with writing and editing this collateral for a variety of audiences with different educational and knowledge levels. Circuit Media also translated these materials into Spanish for non-English speaking stakeholders.

Division of Employment and Benefits

Circuit Media worked with the Colorado Department of Human Services to create a series of scalable, animated and printable infographics. The series works to dispel misunderstandings or misconceptions about the programs the Colorado Department of Human Services offers. Circuit Media met the needs of a variety of programs within the Department, including the Colorado Refugee Services Program, Employment and Training Services, Colorado Works/TANF Program, and the Adult Financial Assistance Programs. Circuit Media created multiple animated and printable infographic kits, presenting different concepts for the client to choose from and working collaboratively with varied stakeholders to ensure all needs were met. Our design team worked to ensure that each infographic was uniquely tailored to the specific needs and styles of each program. While working with such a diverse set of groups, Circuit Media relied heavily on its ability to research and understand the varying needs of each program as well as their respective clients. Throughout the design process, Circuit Media used expertise in project management to develop a clear timeline, including project review meetings, iterative design submissions, and approval processes.