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Dynamic angle of two posters showcasing the aquatic ecosystem of the floridas' lake okeechobee

The abartysHealth Brand System

Circuit Media helped abartysHealth put their brand in action by creating a series of illustrations to accent their new website as well as creating a Style Guide and voice to keep everything cohesive moving forward. The Style Guide consisted of colors, fonts, icon styles, illustration styles and PowerPoint templates. Using these styles and voice, the abartysHealth brand became colorful and inviting accenting marketing materials, presentations and the new website.

Marketing Materials and Communications

From various flyers, both print and digital, to PowerPoint presentations, Circuit Media designed and enhanced all of these materials to unify the abartysHealth brand and increase awareness of their products. Given the background of each product and service, Circuit Media was also in charge of the voice and communications content written throughout the new materials and website. Each product was given a set of 4-5 easy main points presented as an elevator speech to inform potential new customers.

Website Design and Content Writing

Circuit Media’s design and communications team worked together to redesign and build the abartysHealth website. From content writing to illustrating, backend coding to language translation application, our teams brought the abartysHealth brand to life by creating an inviting, holistic feel across the pages of the website. CLICK HERE to view the website.