Law Week Colorado last month launched a new digital edition, continuing a 20-year history of informing the state’s legal community. 

The digital edition is a new format for the paper, which operated as a print-first production out of Denver since 2002. Law Week also launched a newly redesigned website, allowing the news outlet to provide readers with more robust offerings like a calendar of events and an archive of past issues never before digitized.

“I felt that our responsibility to the planet as a sustainable and green-certified business was such that I couldn’t continue printing a paper product anymore,” said Law Week Publisher, Rebecca Askew. “This digital model is also something our readers and our legal community has been asking for and we’ve been listening.” 

The production industry produces more than 85 million tons of waste each year with print products in the U.S. alone, according to data compiled by the University of Southern Indiana.

“We’re able to give our readers the news they need and the real-time updates they want with less paper waste now,” said Rebecca Askew.

Law Week continues to support and inform Colorado’s legal professionals and community by reporting on courts, business impacts, community and general news. Law Week Colorado is the state’s only newspaper published specifically for lawyers, law firms, corporate counsel and the judiciary. Law Week is written and edited by award-winning journalists and lawyers who have credibility in the legal marketplace.

Check out our new website today. Law Week subscribers get unlimited access to all content including full-length articles, multimedia products and more and access to our events calendar, archived print editions, flipbook versions of past editions and exclusive content and offerings.

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