Lochlainn Renfrow joined the Circuit Media team on Jan. 4 as a data analyst intern. In his new role, Lochlainn will be conducting various analytics tasks that will feed into the company’s business development and contracting plans.

Lochlainn gained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Analytics and a minor in Creative Technology & Design at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He also earned a Certificate of Operations & Information Management which has allowed him a better understanding of business modeling. 

Previously serving as a resident advisor at CU Boulder, Lochlainn’s work experience so far has lended to his budding problem solving and analytical skills. Of his new role, Lochlainn said he is most excited to assist in business modeling and business development including the pursuit of new CM contracts. “Looking at and understanding the data – that’s what really helps you create the best business decisions and initiatives. Getting to assist on those efforts is my favorite part of data analysis,” said Lochlainn. 

Lochlainn said his experience with creative technology and design offered him a unique perspective on problem solving in that he is able to see how data fits into a plot or pattern as well as at the surface level. As CM’s data analyst intern, Lochlainn will have ample opportunity to look at the creative side of data, as the company encompasses a number of other teams like public information management, design, videography, copywriting, editing and writing. 

Born in Colorado Springs, Lochlainn lived for a few years in Pittsburgh before moving back to Denver. In his spare time, Lochlainn enjoys spending time with his family and dogs in Boulder, playing the american flute and didgeridoo, and doing steel mace training.

Welcome to the CM Team, Lochlainn!