Many marketers, content creators, government agencies and business leaders are seeing significant shifts in organizational needs this year. Not only to address an ever-changing “why” for their workforce and broader mission but also to pick up on a new trend in agency and business wellness: added utility

For many, the “why” is a multifaceted justification of their work – something that needs to be answered both internally and externally. 

  • Why is X/Y/Z needed? 
  • Why are we spending money here? 
  • Why are we focused on X instead of Y?

Government agencies and businesses often spend the year working on details of their whys, pouring resources into critical areas that address that aspect publicly and internally. Something that usually gets sidelined by the end of the fiscal year is the bank of marketing resources professionals need to pull from to communicate their organization’s whys. 


Photography is a prime example of a sidelined internal need. Having a flexible bank of high-quality photography allows agencies and companies alike to better address a changing why for their organization over time. Keeping this marketing element as versatile as possible is one of the best ways a department can stay on its toes, both in its budget and in its external collateral.

Circuit Media approaches client photography keeping this need for utility in mind. Our team makes sure the photos will last you for years to come, extending your bottom line and making your budget more fluid over time. That’ll allow you room in your year-end budget to address some of the more critical needs that often come up at the last minute — something that can typically be a budget killer. 


Video is a quickly emerging and critical area of marketing that many government agencies and businesses are still debating how to start using it effectively. With the rapid trend toward increased video use in all areas of communication, oftentimes organizations have difficulty making their budgets stretch to cover it as often as they need to. 

The CM Team’s video work embodies the strategic budget. Your videos should always work best for you – Circuit Media creates high-quality video that compounds utility and broad application together, and can be reused and repurposed as many times as you need. We think versatile B-roll footage should never create a budget catastrophe. 

Graphic Design

Whys should be immediately apparent in any graphics an organization uses. Creating a more flexible design for graphics can help keep these images in use for longer, increasing their utility for your team. 

Circuit Media’s graphic designers pull inspiration from agency and company branding while maintaining a timeless look. So your graphics can not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

Want more info on how to capture your business’s whys while keeping long-term utility in mind? Contact our CM Creative Team to get started on a Design Approach Plan: [email protected].