Circuit Media is proud and excited to announce we have won a 2023 ClearMark Award from the Center of Plain Language. Our award is Category 5: Posters, Fliers, and Charts. The ClearMark Award is an international plain language award with impressive entries from international, federal, and state-level authorities in addition to other professional communications firms. 

We are honored to have our work showcased and recognized by such a well-known organization. Circuit Media was recognized for our Anti-Stigma Campaign “What You Say Matters” poster. The primary goal of the campaign was to reduce the stigma associated with serious mental health conditions, with a more long-term goal of increasing the likelihood of community members seeking out mental health services. By encouraging more supportive language in everyday conversations, the campaign aimed to change the attitude around serious mental health topics. We truly are honored with the feedback we received from the ClearMark judges that our work was “an excellent example of providing a lot of educational information in a short, punctuated, and well-designed poster.” 

At Circuit Media, we pride ourselves with creating the most functional and powerful products, services and work for our clients. As a team, we work very hard to give our clients the very best and winning the 2023 ClearMark award allows our clients to know we produce award-winning  products and services.  At Circuit Media, we continue to push for excellence through showcasing our core values, work ethic, and commitment to creating flawless work. After winning the 2023 ClearMark award, a new fire has been lit and we have been working harder than ever to create great products and services. We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the campaign as well as our supportive and encouraging staff members.