At Circuit Media, we always strive to provide the best possible user and client experience. As 2022 approached, our team asked ourselves, “Who is Circuit Media, and how do we forge better connections through our work?” 

After months of brainstorming, conceptualizing, and sitting down to interview dozens of clients to define what makes our team special, we‘re proud to present a redesigned website. 

Our new site is more than a simple refresh — it‘s a pathway to show who we are, what we do, and where our growing team is located. We wanted to make things easy for our clients. On the new site, we spotlight our portfolio and our past client relationships to show our expertise and past achievements. We emphasize our passion for collaboration and creating fruitful and long term relationships with the people we work with — no matter if you are a client, a contractor, or a CM team member.

Our design and marketing teams went back to the drawing board for the new site. We built our update off of the philosophies of the Storybrand Framework by Donald Miller. We use StoryBrand as a foundation for our user interactions. Our clients have rich histories, ambitions, and futures they envision. Our identity is distilled onto every page of our site — and our identity is that we’re here for you. 

Our team created the new site to reflect our passion for sharing knowledge as well. We’ve incorporated useability, responsiveness, and plain language on every page. We added free takeaways, educational materials, and downloadable tools to improve our clients’ lives outside of our work. Find our free Chrome plugin BrainBrake, Plain Language Style Guide, and CM Green guide to sustainably working at home on the new site.

Explore our new site and portfolio here. Reach out to us for work inquiries, capabilities briefings, and more!