For many organizations, communications management can be a daunting task on infrastructure projects. Hiring a public information manager ensures you exceed your communications goals.

So what’s the secret to managing so many moving parts?


Staying flexible is critical for public information (PI) management. Flexibility with roles, deadlines, and needs will allow you to keep a safety net under the project. Managing PI in this way helps ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Our Circuit Media PI Team has remained flexible over the years. Our experienced project managers tackle PI projects with unique and tailored solutions. We are a trusted partner for many clients in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. 

For us, it’s important to maintain that level of fluidity throughout the duration of the project. Staying flexible during the COVID-19 pandemic allows our team to adapt as new health guidelines are released.


Start your PI project by assessing any existing communications situations. If you need many PI services, analyzing your project’s history first will set you up for success. 

The CM Team starts projects with a situational analysis or public information plan. After we know who our key stakeholders are and which outreach methods we need, we can start managing the PI.

A situational analysis helps your team see what elements of a project may impact your team later.


Different groups of stakeholders, messages, and elaborate project needs can trip you up. Staying collaborative will help your team stay on top of the complex elements of a project.

Communicating often and setting expectations early will ensure your team stays in control. CM’s PI Team uses document sharing software to collaborate on stakeholder management.

CM has served on more than 100 infrastructure projects. We’re DBE certified in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. We’re qualified to serve in many jurisdictions and with many agencies on PI projects.

Have a project you need PI help on? Drop us a line and we’ll make sure you’re covered.