On May 5, 2023, Circuit Media celebrated significant accomplishments at the SBA Small Business Awards ceremony. Circuit Media not only received the award for Colorado 8(a) Graduate of the Year, but also was honored as the Region 8 Graduate of the Year.

During its tenure in the 8(a) program, Circuit Media secured and fulfilled various government contracts across multiple sectors, and, as a result,  was praised for outstanding work. The program offered exclusive federal contracting opportunities, which led to the development of strong relationships with government agencies and the nurturing of a highly proficient team of professionals.

Circuit Media’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services and solutions was clearly demonstrated throughout its participation in the 8(a) program. Its resolute dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction was instrumental in its success, and these values will continue to be important in the future.

Graduating from the 8(a) program is a significant milestone for Circuit Media, preparing the company for a new phase of growth and achievement. While commemorating these achievements, Circuit Media recognizes the pivotal role programs like 8(a) play in promoting the growth and development of small businesses— which fosters a dynamic and diverse economy.

Circuit Media CEO Rebecca Askew had the privilege to testify before Congress on the value of the 8(a) program. Watch her testimony here.