Public Information & Community Involvement

Circuit Media regularly provides public information and relations services for various infrastructure projects throughout the state. Our team creates and implements comprehensive public information plans, identifies stakeholders, develops appropriate releases and mechanisms for communication, facilitates town halls and public meetings as well as interviews between media outlets and officials, and manages both crisis and routine messaging. We design, implement and launch all campaigns in-house, and our graphics team provides clear and compelling products for dissemination.

We are experts in distilling difficult or complicated issues and presenting them to stakeholders in a clear, consistent and friendly manner. Our mission is to assist our clients in reaching the right people with the right message – all at the right time!

A few examples of projects we’ve worked on:

Horizon Drive Corridor Improvement, Mesa County – Subcontractor to MA Concrete Construction, Inc.

I-70 Tower Road to Colfax, Adams County – Subcontractor to Ames Construction

Berthoud Pass, Clear Creek & Grand Counties – Subcontractor to A&S Construction

Craig Residency Chip Seals, Grand, Jackson & Routt Counties – Subcontractor to Oldcastle Materials

120th Avenue Connection Final Phase, Broomfield County – Subcontractor to Jalisco International

State Highway 133 Redstone North-South, Garfield and Pitkin Counties – Subcontractor to United Companies