Services: Telecommunications

As the trusted advisor for its customers, the GSA Network Services Division (NSD) required Circuit Media to be proficient in various areas of telecommunications, including local exchange services, long distance, PBX support, and help desk support. Specifically, Circuit Media managed orders, troubleshooting, and problem-solving, which included inventory management and billing to meet customer requirements. In our work under this contract, we provided the following:

Transition Services – Circuit Media provided complete program management services for the transition from expired contracts to new contracts. Transition requirements included the management and oversight of all activities performed by project and transition personnel to ensure NSD customers were successfully transitioned. Program management included service verification, determination of service offerings on contracts, support through contract award ordering, and implementation.

PBX Technician and Help Desk Support – Circuit Media was responsible for the installation, service, troubleshooting, and maintaining of the NEAX 2400, 2000, and IVS2 systems. Our employees monitored service and processed work orders to ensure objectives and operating requirements were met and were in line with the needs and mission of the organization and the customer. Circuit Media also provided help desk support for customers on complex IT problems involving all phases of systems implementation and operation to provide resolutions and was responsible for programming features on VOIP systems.

Telecommunications Support – Circuit Media provided planning, successful execution, and follow-up for a diverse range of customer-retention campaigns and other business reporting as required. Campaigns included innovative and sometimes complex projects throughout their lifespan to their completion, and our team thoroughly analyzed data in order to make sound recommendations for next steps that aimed to improve the NSD’s financial results.