Graphic Design, Project Management, Technical Assistance

Date: 2016 – Present
Services: Graphic Design, Project Management, Technical Assistance

The Circuit Media team was chosen to assist with the redesign of all 125 Job Corps Centers throughout the United States. The Department of Labor Office of Job Corps (OJC) wants to refocus this prestigious program to make it more relevant for the future and the youth it serves. Our team is implementing change management through the use of student-centered design, utilizing tools and techniques to understand the students’ and other stakeholders’ needs, wants and limitations to identify changes that need to occur to make the program relevant to today’s youth. This project includes a national branding, marketing, and communications initiative. We are tasked with creating branding and messaging that changes status quo thinking, including messaging for internal and external stakeholders, government officials and participants in the program. We create marketing materials for internal and external stakeholders and provide guidance to the OJC in the creation of agency-wide communication strategies. The goal is to help all stakeholders make successful personal transitions resulting in the realization and adoption of this significant change.

Our team also works closely with Job Corps personnel to provide technical assistance in the creation of experimental educational facilities/laboratories, rebranding of the agency website, collaboration with institutions of higher education, development of an innovative approach to awarding contracts to Job Corps center operators, outreach and admissions contractors and career transition service providers, and synthesization of policy recommendations for the use of Job Corps leadership in long-term program planning.