Services: Publishing Design, Copy Editing, and Production Services

Circuit Media was awarded a contract with the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Office of Inspector General (OIG) to provide desktop publishing design, copy editing, and production services to assist the OIG in producing its Semiannual Reports to the Congress (SAR). While OIG provided the initial content for the SAR, Circuit Media was tasked with helping the OIG with copy editing, formatting, document layout, and design. To ensure that our team adhered to timelines and standards set by OIG, Circuit Media provided the following key personnel:

Publisher/Project Manager – Responsible for the management and supervision of the Circuit Media staff assigned to assist the OIG with the design and editorial process, the Publisher/Project Manager directly monitors quality control and manages deliverables and timelines to ensure successful delivery of the SAR. In addition to working with the Circuit Media team, the publisher is also responsible for working directly with the OIG to provide weekly progress reports with supporting documents to allow for budgeting and planning as well as to facilitate timely payment.

Managing Editor – Responsible for ensuring that the content of the publication provided to the OIG is professionally presented, as well as making sure that the production process runs smoothly. The Managing Editor manages multiple versions of the SAR in Microsoft Word by utilizing Track Changes before working in the final InDesign file, assists the Copy Editor with all copy editing duties, and approves all other edits made by the Production and Graphic Designer.

Copy Editor – Responsible for reviewing SAR content for organization, clarity, style, and grammar, the Copy Editor verifies any cross-references that appear in the text, the numbering of footnotes, endnotes, tables, and illustrations. The Copy Editor also cross-checks the table of contents against the report, the footnotes/endnotes and in-text citations against the bibliography, and checks the alphabetization of the defined terms and reference list.

Production and Graphic Designer – Responsible for assisting OIG with graphic design, cover and page design, page layout (including tables and appendices), typesetting, and art creation. The Production and Graphic Designer is also responsible for creating a professional publication design and layout in both Word and InDesign files and working with the Government Publishing Office to ensure all files are delivered and correctly uploaded to the GPO site.