Services: Technical Writing

The Colorado Department of Public Safety awarded Circuit Media with a contract to plan, draft, design, and publish several in-depth desk references for its Financial Services unit. Circuit Media placed a technical writer as a temporary worker at the CDPS office in Lakewood, Colorado, to help generate these desk references.

The writer met with directors in the agency’s Accounting, Procurement, and Budget divisions to prioritize each division’s immediate needs for process documentation. Circuit Media then produced in-depth manuals according to those needs that explained complex processes ranging from the state’s payroll software functions to its Disaster Emergency Fund reimbursement framework. Many of the processes Circuit Media documented during this project had little to no prior documentation to draw upon, requiring in-depth research to capture key information.

The technical writer planned and conducted interviews with subject matter experts to develop these step-by-step guides. After drafting the manuals, Circuit Media guided stakeholders through a detailed review process to ensure each guide’s accuracy and utility. Circuit Media’s design team then crafted the guides, which included screenshots, according to CDPS branding standards, delivering more than 200 pages of complex content over the three-month period.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

The Colorado Department of Public Safety, on behalf of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), selected Circuit Media to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the purchase and implementation of a new, web-based crime information system to be used by the entire Bureau and its entities/partners. Circuit Media provided extensive research, interviewing, and compiling of stakeholder perspectives, technical writing and editing services, and graphic design services for this contract. The final deliverable integrated current CDPS templates, business and technical requirements from existing CBI manuals and websites, and compilations of SME interviews within CDPS and other stakeholders. Circuit Media also utilized photographs, drawings, infographics, and other visual media to enhance the overall impact of the RFP, specifically focusing on system workflow. Due to the short turnaround time of three months, our team was required to work extremely efficiently to ensure all deadlines and client expectations were met.