Project Description

NAICS CODES: 511110, 511120, 541430, 541614, 541922

Weekly Periodical Production


Law Week Colorado


Weekly Legal Publication

Printed Newspaper



Custom Designed Website

Custom Print Graphics

Journalistic Photos


Brand Strategy / Marketing

Graphic Design

Web Design / Development

Videography / Photography


Animation of alternating interior spreads of the Law Week Colorado newspaper
A close up perspective of an inside page of Law Week showcasing a photo of a lawyer speaking
close up perspective of a designed header image for a featured article in Law Week
An interior spread of Law Week showcasing images of lawyers talking and pull quotes

Newspaper Production

Circuit Media’s editorial and design team take Law Week Colorado from conception to publication. Our award-winning journalists report, write and edit each weekly edition of the newspaper that is sent to readers around Colorado each Monday.

An animation of alternating cover designs of Law Week

Cover Design/Infographics

Law Week’s design staff has won awards for layout and front page and infographic design. The team delivers an engaging visual each week that focuses on each issue’s features with clean, modern illustrations and photography.

A close up perspective of an infographic for Law Week depicting a historical timeline
Image of an article from the Law Week Colorado newspaper that is designed and produced by Circuit Media.
GIF animation of different Law Week covers.


When advertisers aren’t able to provide their own artwork to deliver their message to Law Week readers, Circuit Media’s in-house design team translates their ideas into images with print- and web-ready advertisements.

An animation of different alternating HearSay graphics

HearSay Legal Podcast

Since 2017, Law Week’s reporters have been consistently producing audio stories that are too big to print. With the goal of creating stories that are more engaging or simply better suited to the podcast format, we collect audio, shape our stories and edit monthly “Hearsay” podcasts.

Governor Jared Polis being sworn into office in front of the Denver capitol
Governor Jared Polis smiling in a sea of people inside the Denver Capitol


Whether for our own awards or for spot news coverage, Circuit Media produces images that capture the moment. Law Week frequently features studio portrait shots that feature our award winners as well as photos taken at major news events.

Three headshots of lawyers in a circle container with a green a blue background


Each year, Law Week Colorado gives awards for Top Women Lawyers, Top Litigators and Lawyers of the Year, among other awards. And what better way to recognize these winners than with videos that feature them and their work. Our videographers have produced upbeat, engaging videos to recognize these award winners.

a woman smiling while being filmed