Meet the Team

Rebecca Askew

CEO and General Counsel

Government Point of Contact

Hannah Blatter

Multimedia Specialist

Evan Buzbee

Jr. Contract Specialist

Julia Cardi


Doug Chartier

Communications Specialist

Elizabeth DeWaard

Project Coordinator

Nick Eckerman

Director of Operations

Whitney Elmore

Administrative Assistant

Zack Fifer

Design Intern

Tony Flesor

Managing Editor

Robert Gelchion

Jr. Contract Specialist

Sarah Green

Director of Creative Services / Accessibility Manager

Joe Horton

Art Director

Kelly Houghton

Contract Specialist

Jacob Hurley

Account Executive

Grace Kroeger

Graphic Designer

Sonita Lal

Senior Analyst

Jordyn Lang

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Stephanie Layman

Program/Project Manager

Ali Manor

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Lisa McKell

Director of Communications

Dean Morton

Business Development Executive

Jason Oates

Junior Analyst

Korene Oates

Data Energy Specialist

Vicky Orr

BLM Acquisition FBMS Helpdesk

Katie Showalter

Administrative Assistant

David Slade

Senior Contract Specialist

Jessica Smith

Marketing & Communications

Lorenzo Vidali

Senior Videographer/Producer


Chief of Security